Commercial Mold Removal

commercial mold removal Des Moines Ia

Mold on the interior and exterior surfaces is a serious and growing health and safety concern in commercial facilities.

Whatever the size of your commercial building or project, you can be sure to trust us to develop a cleaning and restoration program to meet your business needs. We will formulate a plan for commerical Mold removal Des Moines  tailored to your budget, with minimal impact on your business operations.

We follow and comply with all federal, state, and local contractor guidelines and regulations related to cleaning and remediation in commercial buildings and facilities.

Every true business owner is concerned about the health of their customers and employees. In addition to the serious health concerns, owners of commercial properties would need mold remediation be done as quickly as possible to keep revenue flowing and losses minimal. Get in touch today let’s keep your business flowing!


Ways to prevent mold growth in Your Des Moines commercial property

1. Repair Any Roof Leaks

It is important to have all the roofs in your commercial building in good condition. A leak in one spot can cause severe and widespread damage to other parts of the roof.

If you suspect and see a leaky part of your roof, you should immediately check it out and fix it before it spreads.

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2. Drain Pans in your wet rooms

In cases where you have a leaky washer, you should have a washing pan to protect your floors. It will protect the floor in the laundry room and other floorings in nearby rooms and you should be able to spot a problem before it gets too severe. The same goes for ice machines, sinks, condensers, and washbasins.

3. Maintain All A/c's properly

Air conditioners are essential during hot periods of the year. It is very important that you maintain them during this period and even in colder climates to keep the units from mold exposure.

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Factors to consider before a commercial mold remediation

The size of your property

Your company's operationing hours

staff presence

presence of customers

Materials used in building the property

the faulty Equipment/appliance