Residential Mold Removal Des Moines

Residential mold removal services

Few problems can degrade a property and threaten the health and safety of your family as quickly as mold.

Continuous exposure to mold in the home has been known to cause allergies and irritations and some have also been linked to cancer and other serious illnesses.

We have worked with homeowners, realtors, and home inspectors in the Des Moines area for several years to help identify mold problems in homes, develop comprehensive mold remediation and mold removal plan and ultimately, eliminate the threat to your property and family.


Signs that you need mold removal in your Des Moines residence

Moist Spots On your Walls

Continuous damp feeling on rugs, bedding, and furniture.

Visible black or colored spots

Mold like smell

Persistent headaches and unexplained illness

Recent water intrusion

Causes of Mold At home

1. Roof Leaks

Strong winds and falling branches during storms can cause damage to your roof. Minor damage to your roof can set up the perfect situation for moisture to seep into your home and accumulate.  This accumulation over time creates the ideal environment for mold to grow.

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2. Leaky Pipes and water heaters

Continous leakages in pipes and heaters can lead to the growth of mold. This leakage will spread across your walls and eventually appear inside your living area. It is advisable to give a mold expert a call to trace a leak when you notice such in your home/walls.

3. Broken/ faulty Air Conditioners

Like most appliances, your air conditioner may get broken and stopped working properly after a period of inactivity or simply due to a general breakdown.

Such a situation can make the air become too moist and hot and leave your home covered in dangerous mold.

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4. Flash floods

Des Moines and much of the MId-West experienced serious flooding issues in the last four years, leaving many homes with serious problems.

Improper or inadequate drying of the flooded walls/areas set the perfect environment for mold to grow. Take the necessary steps to combat this today and give us a call